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Who we are

The goal of the EDUCATIONAL CENTRE AT CHÂTEAU DU BONHEUR is to educate children and make them happy, intelligent and well integrated. You will find an educational and pedagogical environment for children from 16 months to 5 years old. Classes are divided into age groups.

We know that every child is unique, has his or her own personality, talents and way of learning. Our teachers and the entire team are early childhood professionals and are fully committed to working with children and ensuring optimal social, emotional and educational outcomes.

Classes are small and fill up quickly.

Our program of activities is therefore aimed at providing children with a structured, pleasant and stable living environment as well as coherent and enriching activities, without disrupting the variety and diversity of their activities. To develop, the child must be able to actively learn through play, which is the cornerstone of our program.

Every child at the nursery AU CHÂTEAU DU BONHEUR learns when they are encouraged to explore, interact with peers, be creative and play according to their tastes and interests.

Educational activities that promote the child's socialization and overall development, the adoption of educational attitudes on the part of staff that promote the child's maturation and also on the part of parents in order to ensure the persistence of these achievements: this is the spirit of our educational program.

Who we are Le Plateau–Mont-Royal


45.00 $/day, plus you are entitled to advance payments on the 15th of each month, and that, up to 75% of the child care fee.

The daycare rate includes two snacks and a healthy, on-site meal.

The nursery offers music workshops for 18 months to 3 years of age and science workshops for 3 years to 5 years of age.

Nursery hours:

Monday 07h30-18h00
Tuesday 07h30-18h00
Wednesday 07h30-18h00
Thursday 07h30-18h00
Friday  07h30-18h00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


Who we are  Montréal

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